KWALON Conference 2016: Reflecting on the future of QDA Software: Chances and Challenges

The Netherlands Association for Qualitative Research, was founded in 1995 as a union of several groups of qualitative researchers that had been organized around specific fields of research, e.g. symbolic interactionism, qualitative medical sociology, interpretive social research and qualitative evaluation research.
The main aim of this new association was and still is, to stimulate the development and diffusion of qualitative methods in social research and to improve the methodological quality of qualitative research.

The first project of this association was the establishment the triennial journal KWALON as a forum for discussion. Other activities and projects have been developed later on:

  • Courses in qualitative methods. These courses have been very successful in recruiting students from various backgrounds, like university PhD’s, lecturers in higher education, researchers from private and public organisations.
  • The biannual KWALON prize competition for master theses 
  • Conferences on qualitative methodology 
  • The KWALON website as an information service point – in Dutch
  • The KWALON LinkedIn group, to be connected to the website as a community of researchers, students and others who are interested in qualitative research KWALON is a low-threshold open association, giving room to everybody who is interested in qualitative methodology in any field of social research who can communicate in Dutch. Participants are university researchers and professors, researchers in private firms or governmental research departments, lecturers, students, etcetera. 




E: bestuur@kwalon.nl